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Create functions.php file to insert WordPress custom codes

Create functions.php file to insert WordPress custom codes

Functions.php is usually a file used to customize the functionality of themes and plugins in WordPress. If you are a Genesis Framework user, you should be familiar with this file because almost every customization in Genesis is done through the functions.php file. However, inserting PHP code directly into the theme’s functions.php file also causes certain inconveniences. For example, some themes have hidden functions.php files and users have a hard time finding them. If you are not careful, you can even cause functions.php file

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WordPress plugins and server resources

One of most popular reasons causes your WordPress slow is using too much plugins. This is pretty obvious, because plugins have functions those need server resources to handled. That also means, the less plugins you use, the shorter time your website need to load.


But, sometimes you found that your site’s loading time is too long and you don’t use too much plugins. So, what is the problem? The fact is some plugins need too many server resources to execute its scripts. And if you do’t have enough powerful server, that

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Disable XML-RPC to prevent your site from attacks

I pretty sure that you all have seen the file name xmlrpc.php in the root folder of WordPress source pack. XML-RPC is a script that was set in active as default since WordPress version 3.5. It is a remote connection procedure of a Wodpress website that is using XML to transport data. And it now supports some CMS’s API like WordPress API, Blogger API, Movable API, Pingback API, MetaWeblog API,…

Normally, in WordPress, we use XML-RPC to post an article from another application like Window Live Writer, or any other service those connect

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Fix WordPress 404 error on NGINX server

Everybody know, Apache server is most popular server type because its simple and it was supported by a very motivate community. But, there is another web server type that has better efficiency and quite stable – NGINX. If you haven’t used this type before, you should give it a try and you will be amazed. If we run a WordPress site on NGINX, sometimes we can’t get rid of 404 error when we have selected Custom permalink option. Here is the method to fix WordPress 404 error on NGINX server.