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XML-RPC Disable XML-RPC to prevent your site from attacks short break 1170x420

Disable XML-RPC to prevent your site from attacks

I pretty sure that you all have seen the file name xmlrpc.php in the root folder of WordPress source pack. XML-RPC is a script that was set in active as default since WordPress version 3.5. It is a remote connection procedure of a Wodpress website that is using XML to transport data. And it now supports some CMS’s API like WordPress API, Blogger API, Movable API, Pingback API, MetaWeblog API,…

Normally, in WordPress, we use XML-RPC to post an article from another application like Window Live Writer, or any other service those connect

Get Your Wordpress Restored Get Your Wordpress Restored After It Was Attacked danza show3 1170x420

Get Your WordPress Restored After It Was Attacked

You’re running a WordPress site and you think your site is clean and unhackable. Maybe, but unhackable  site doesn’t exist. You someday may found that your site – somehow – has been infected by malware and has been flagged by google. That would be disaster… This article will let you know how to get your WordPress restored step by step – easily. Your WordPress then will back to running clean & clear.

With new WordPress users, using a nulled theme/plugin or set too simple passwords may put their websites into danger. It