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Use Filter Hooks in WordPress post hooks 2 1170x420

Use Filter Hooks in WordPress

In the previous article we looked through a common hook in WordPress is Action Hook. But besides Action Hook, we have another type of common Hook and it plays equally important roles in programming in WordPress, which is Filter Hook.

What is Filter Hook?

Filter Hook mean an anchor point is declared in the source WordPress plugin or theme so we can fix the PHP script at anchor point where it was declared.

How to use Filter Hook?

Hook Filter function is declared by apply_filters () like this (we’re going to try with template

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action hook Use Action Hook in WordPress post hooks 1170x420

Use Action Hook in WordPress

How to Use Action Hook in WordPress

In WordPress source code, in addition to mastering WP Query to understand how it obtained its contents as described in the previous section, one of the crucial features to your other “communicate” with its source code which the Action Hook, in this article I will elaborate on the hook much action as possible.

What is Action Hook?

As in the last article, I have talked about the process that WordPress handles each visit. And Action Hook is an anchor point for us to perform an act

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