0-day bug in WordPress 4.7.4 & does it dangerous?

I bet you were announced about 0-day bug in WordPress 4.7.4 (CVE-2017-8295) – that may allow hacker take over administrator’s password – by reset admin’s password without email access permission.

For more details about this vulnerable, please visit here: https://exploitbox.io/vuln/WordPress-Exploit-4-7-Unauth-Password-Reset-0day-CVE-2017-8295.html

In this post, I will let you know how does it danger and are you in threat because of this vulnerable. Then you will know how to handle it…

======= 0-day bug in WordPress 4.7.4 ======= 0-day bug in WordPress 4.7.4 ======= 0-day bug in WordPress 4.7.4  =======

Attack method

Follow to the ExplotItBox, first, hacker will send a